How does an automatic gate work?

Automatic gates are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. They offer added security and convenience by enabling remote opening and closing, without the need to get out of your car. But how exactly do they work? In this article, we’ll explore how automatic gates work, their key components and the different types available on the market.


The composition of an automatic gate

An automatic gate is a motorized closing system for the entrance to a property. It can be used for both private residences and commercial buildings. An automatic gate is made up of several key components:

The motor

The motor is the heart of the automatic gate. It is responsible for moving the gate, and must be powerful enough to lift the weight of the gate effortlessly. Motors can be powered by different energy sources, such as electricity, solar energy or batteries.

Rails and wheels

Rails are installed on the ground or on a concrete base to guide the gate’s movement. Wheels, on the other hand, are fixed to the bottom of the gate and roll along the rails as it opens or closes.

The remote control

The remote control allows users to remotely control their automatic gate without having to leave their car or home. It can be programmed to control several functions, such as partial or total opening, delayed closing and even voice recognition.

The electronic system

The electronic system comprises various components such as sensors that detect the presence of an obstacle in the path of the gate, switches that activate the different modes (manual/automatic), and anti-intrusion systems that protect against any forced attempt to open the gate.

In truth, the right choice of each component will ensure that your automated gate operates optimally and for a long time.


The various operating mechanisms available

Automatic gates are becoming increasingly popular in homes and businesses. They provide an extra level of security while enhancing user comfort. But how exactly do they work?

There are several different mechanisms that enable an automatic gate to open and close:

Cylinder system: this type of mechanism uses electric cylinders to drive the movement of the gate. The cylinders are fixed to the ground and to the gate, and contract or extend to move the gate.

The articulated-arm system: this mechanism uses two articulated arms that pivot to open or close the gate. This type of system is often used on small residential gates.

The sliding system: in this case, the gate slides sideways on a track fixed to the ground. This type of mechanism is often used when space in front of the property is limited.

All these systems can be controlled by remote control or intercom, enabling users to open their gate without having to get out of the vehicle.

In short, there are several different types of mechanism that enable automatic gates to operate efficiently. Whether you choose a cylinder, hinged-arm or sliding system will depend mainly on the dimensions available in front of your property, as well as your specific needs in terms of daily use of the finished product.

Would your customers like to secure and accessorize an automatic gate? Take a look at all our products in the automation section. To find out more about Prastel, click here.

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How does an automatic gate work?

Automatic gates are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. They offer added security and convenience by enabling remote opening and closing,...
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