4 reasons to install electronic gate systems

The installation of electronic gate systems represents a significant advance in the field of security and access control. In this article, we’ll explore the compelling reasons why installing an automatic gate is essential. You’ll discover how these technologies help to enhance security and improve your everyday life.

On what type of gate is it recommended to install electronic systems?

Electronic gate systems are used for motorised sliding, swinging and up-and-over gates. These automation devices are practical: not only do they enhance security by restricting access, but they can also be integrated with other surveillance systems for more comprehensive protection. They are particularly suited to residential, commercial and industrial properties where access control, convenience and remote management are priorities.

What are the reasons for installing these electronic systems?

Installing electronic gate systems offers a number of advantages. Here are four common reasons why people choose to install these solutions:

For greater safety

Electronic systems make it possible to restrict access to only those people authorised to enter a site. Some systems incorporate video intercoms, allowing visitors to be visually identified before they gain access. Installing an automatic gate is therefore the perfect way to deter intruders and enhance the security of a site.

For the convenience of remote management

Being able to control access from a distance is very convenient for users. Transmitters or other devices make it easier to open and close the gate, eliminating the need to leave your vehicle (e.g. KITMRMINI2E+). Gate automation is particularly useful in bad weather! In addition, some systems can be controlled remotely via a mobile application: ideal for monitoring and controlling a gate wherever you are (e.g. M2000-BT).

To integrate other security systems

These solutions can also be integrated with access control systems (e.g. M2000-BT or MT50000 range) to enhance overall security. Thanks to this powerful synergy, it becomes possible to view activity around the gate in real time, record video footage in the event of unusual events, and even trigger alerts in the event of an attempted intrusion. This holistic approach significantly increases the ability to detect, deter and respond to potential threats.

To view the access history

There are also systems that record data relating to gate opening and closing activities, particularly in communities or industrial areas (e.g. MT50000 range). These records can be used for tracking purposes, user management, analysing usage trends, and even for legal purposes in the event of a dispute. This functionality enhances transparency and accountability, helping to optimise security and access management in contexts where accurate documentation of activities is essential.

In short, the installation of electronic systems for all types of access offers a combination of security, convenience and efficiency, helping to make the management of access to a property more efficient and secure.

Discover Prastel, the gate automation specialist

Prastel has over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of automated gate systems, and has set the standard with its innovative, reliable solutions. These devices make it possible to open and close gates remotely!

Prastel automated systems are meticulously designed using weather-resistant materials, and are suitable for a variety of gates, including swinging and sliding gates, whether made of wood, metal or PVC. In terms of functionality, Prastel also offers a wide range of safety accessories. Some models also incorporate anti-vandalism devices, offering extra protection against any attempt at intrusion.

Feel free to browse our range of products dedicated to automation and access control directly on our website. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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